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Gym & Fitness Areas

These are facilities that require an intense focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

Our scope of works is geared towards:
● Keeping all areas of the gym clean and dry to the highest standards.
● Disinfecting all high touch areas which include training equipment, locker rooms, changing areas, doors, partitions and floors.
● Shampooing of carpets.
● Interior window and glass cleaning.
● Cleaning and disinfecting lavatories.
● Cleaning and disinfecting the shower rooms.
● Round the clock maintenance to ensure that it is clean to the highest standards all the time.

Pest Control

These are facilities that require an intense focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

Our technical team is well trained in the control of pests such as roaches, houseflies, ants, bugs, rodents among other crawling insects. We are certified members of the Pest Control Management Association of Kenya (PEMAK) and is licenced by the Pest
Control Products Board (PCPB)

Sanitary Services

● We have automatic or sensor bins where the user does not have contact with the bins. The bins have a magnetic sensor that senses the user’s hand when passed over the sensor. The advantage of this is that It is more hygienic due to non-contact with the bins. This helps reduce the chances of cross-infection of contagious diseases like Hepatitis B.
● We also have step-on bins whereby the user simply places her foot on the pedal and the lid will be lifted upwards, allowing her to put the waste inside.

Cleaning Embassies, Chanceries & Residential Homes

● Spring cleaning of official embassy homes and residences
● Daily cleaning of embassy offices and clubhouses
● Provision of sanitary bins
● Cleaning of furniture and fittings
● Cleaning of carpets, linen, curtains and beddings
● Quarterly cleaning of roofs and gutters
● Cleaning of the pool area

Gardening & Garden Maintenance

We are trained to provide the following services:

● Lawn Mowing
● Wedding of Plants
● Removal of dead plants and other debris
● Trimming of trees and hedges
● Spraying Herbicides
● We also provide red soil and manure.

Office and Mall Cleaning

This service is geared towards general comprehensive cleaning of offices which are tailor-made to suit our client’s working hours, routines and job demands. It entails Daily cleaning, Weekly cleaning and Monthly/Periodic Cleaning.

We Are The Best Cleaning Service provider.

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